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"The Stone dreamed and became a Boat to carry the Holy Men to the Islands..." Venezuela is an 80 heavy electro track with shimmering synths and righteous vocals inspired by the political troubles of Venezuela...
We know practically nothing about AIRPLANE MAN, but that is not an issue, because the act's latest release, "NEW SUPPLIER", is more than enough to get us interested. Beginning with a shadowy R&B direction but then taking off into upbeat '80s pop territory, this synth-fueled track is pretty much like nothing else out. We're on board with wherever AIRPLANE MAN's taking us, and you should be, too. New Supplier • Out Everywhere 11.15.2015

New York based band 8 Graves have released their new song “Hang” which you can check out below. Member Brent Carpentier had the following to say about the song’s meaning. “The idea of the song is that some people are so desperate to fit in and hold onto their friends/relationships that they will let people walk all over them in the interest of belonging. The hook of the song basically plays at the fact that some of these people are so far gone in that sense that they would literally be hanged before they admitted to themselves that their friends are shitty, because ultimately they’d rather be dead than alone.” This song isn’t a pop song. It will probably make a couple people mad at me. I couldn’t care less. Listen to our new single, "Hang," Now !!!
Bad Sounds have unveiled new single 'Are You High?' - check it out now. The Bath group are an incredible live proposition, with that impish sense of humour seeping into their music. New single 'Are You High?' is out now, gaining its first play on Annie Mac's Radio 1 show last night (November 14th). With the vocal that chirrups “I ain't sucking on lemons it just looks like it” it's a rambunctious return, all youthful energy, guitar distortion, and more. Making an immediate impact, you can check out 'Are You High?

‘Glass Plains’ is the first single from Albert Salt’s upcoming EP. Featuring the immensely talented Alex Lahey and Ollie Whitehead on saxophone. Influenced by jazz of Herbie Hancock and the trip/hip-hop production of Massive Attack, Portishead, Radiohead. Written as a second person narrative, ‘Glass Plains’ portrays an internal conflict, exploring our tendency to premeditate and perform actions, before analysing them hypercritically.
For a long time it had become quiet around the men of The Academic. After they played at Pukkelpop in 2016 and played the Chicory Bar, the men from Ireland went into hiding to work on their first album. After a long radio silence they recently came back with the new "Bear Claw" which, thanks to their Facebook Loop video, went viral and they even participated in the European tour of The Kooks as support. At the end of October, the men also received the good news that their first album Tales from the Backseat will be released on January 12th. Now let them hear again with "Why Can not We Be Friends?". "Why Can not We Be Friends?" Is another catchy song and has that recognizable The Academic sound that is characterized by the typical guitar sound of Matthew Murtagh and the rough voice of Graig Fitzgerald. The song itself is not really new and has been part of the men's setlist for quite some time. The tempo and the sound did get a small update that the song is very good. We are at least curious about what the men have even more in store on their new album.
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